50 Percent Discount Ninja Training Black Belt Video Course

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50 percent discount ninja training black belt course

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Enjoy your  50 percent discount on the Vimeo Ninjutsu On-Demand channel when you order the streaming/download version of ninja training black belt video full course provided by Ninja Learning Network®. Since 2011, Ninja Learning Network’s scholarship program ALWAYS offers periodic discounts to make self defense training more accessible for everyone.  Choose DVD or Bluray, or purchase a streaming+download subscription of the complete Ninjutsu Bujinkan black belt video course Basics Of Ninja Training® with Sensei Roemke on Vimeo’s Ninjutsu On-Demand TV Channel.  You can watch streaming Hi-Def Basics of Ninja Training® on Vimeos Ninjutsu channel which you can watch on your TV or game consoles, Roku and other media players, all your devices and your computers. You can also download the files to keep forever from the Vimeo Ninjutsu On-Demand channel.

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50 Percent Discount For Basics Of Ninja Training Black Belt Video Course

If you need to know anything about the course, the videos, individual kyu lessons, or if you have inquiries related to ordering or training with this black belt course just contact us through social media.  We don’t hire receptionists or webmasters who dont know anything about Bujinkan to answer your questions or help you after you purchase the videos. We are all genuine Bujinkan members, tested in-person for green belt or above and we volunteer to support other students learning with this video course. All your questions are welcome! This course uses Sensei Mark Roemke ‘s dojo curriculum, the same black belt curriculum used at his dojo and in all his video instruction courses currently.  Your purchases at NinjaLearningNetwork.com support the #15FreeBlackBelts scholarship campaign and the Ninja Dojos and Training Partners World Google Map.

This Hi-Def set is the original video course, specifically designed for mature and global audiences, available in DVD, BluRay, Download. Ninja Learning Networks scholarship rate is in affect every day, everyone is eligble for the automatic 50% discounts* when you order from the Vimeo Ninjutsu On-Demand Channel using the discount code “TRAIN”.


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PRIVACY AND YOUR INFORMATION: Your privacy is important to us.  If you browse or buy the 50 percent discount courses, our information is never shared with any other organizations or partners and you will never get spam email from Ninja Learning Network or anyone else. This in not a promotional offer to gather data, its a genuine scholarship discount and the entire effort is supported by volunteers who are members of the Bujinkan and train under this program. This 50 percent ninja training discount scholarship is also made available on our partner sites Ninjutsu Black Belt and Ninjutsu DVD.