Advanced Ninja Body Throws (Nage Waza) – Bad Ass Slow Motion from Kyu 1

What happens after you train for awhile? You can do the same badass techniques demonstrated by the advanced martial artists in this slow motion clip, that’s what! This clip shows some of advanced ninja body throws (Nage Waza) from Kyu 1 of the “Basics of Ninja Training” black belt video course. Kyu 1 is the most advanced level of shodan black belt course training and the Nage Waza shown here are just a few of many, many more techniques for throwing your opponent. Download a free list of Nage Waza from the course curriculum at…

Train ON! But do not practice these activities without qualified supervision! Learning how to ‘be thrown’ during training is part of your martial arts skill set and you can seriously injure a training partner who does not know how to land, and/or if you do not have control of the maneuver.


Beyond Advanced Ninja Body Throws (Nage Waza)

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You can learn more ‘nage waza’ (body throws) training techniques and watch other free videos on this channel. Or, go deeper with other self defense techniques and other Ninja and Samurai training methods from the Ninjutsu Bujinkan black belt video course “Basics of Ninja Training” for TV, computer, mobile device, game console, more. With Sensei Mark Roemke, 15th Dan, authorized by Hatsumi Soke.