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The free videos are great, but you can’t beat a complete black belt course on DVD/Bluray or Download/Streaming channels. Watch 8 hours of ninja black belt course instruction that teaches a complete first degree ninja black belt experience (first degree black belt is the shodan level, taught  in this course as passed down from Hatsumi Soke’s school of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, known as a form study in ninjutsu, ninpo.)

Black Belt Course and Guide

Ninjutsu Black Belt Course

Of course, the black belt is not included. But everything you would learn in a real ninja dojo is demonstrated in the Basics of Ninja Training® black belt course. Learn how to use and adapt 16 weapons, see constant training tips, understand how to create your own modern variations of the traditional forms, learn actual samurai school techniques and ancient ninja scroll instruction, follow along with an explanation of the 9 kyus and shodan training. General martial arts conditioning and awareness are covered in detail. This course is suitable for any age or any background with martial arts training, even total beginners.



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