Free Ninja Training Videos

Watch excerpts from the Basics of Ninja Training® Ninjutsu black belt video course, with over 80 free Ninja Training Videos that are posted on YouTube and Vimeo’s Ninjutsu On Demand.

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Free Ninja Training Videos

Watch almost 100 Free Ninja Training Videos from the Ninja Learning Network® Bujinkan Ninjutsu playlist. So kick back and watch the entire playlist of almost 100 free instructional videos below, or go to the YouTube Channel to search for your favorite topics…


Or you can get free instruction on our streaming Ninjutsu Channel on Vimeo. earn about what it means to be a real ninja in the 21st Century. You can find excerpts from the actual “Basics of Ninja Training®” video black belt course plus dozens of supplemental training help for free.

Watch all you Free Ninja Training Videos, or the actual 8 hour black belt course, on your TV, game console, phone, tablet or computer! Its easy to learn about ninjutsu techniques and weapons. Watch over 80 videos about the ancient Japanese art of the ninja and samurai along with modern techniques. We are proud to offer a viewing experience FREE OF ADVERTISING, no memberships or sign-ups required. We thank our generous supporters and volunteer ninjas who help us bring you high quality free videos.  We invite you to join the community at Ninja Learning Networks Youtube page. Subscribe and post your questions and comments there to get feedback from the international ninja community from Ninja Learning Network since 2011.

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No advertising interruptions! We also offer free streaming videos on the Vimeo On-Demand Ninjutsu TV Channel.  Every video is also posted on our Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and Pinterest pages.  Subscribe to the any social media site for updates and add your comments to the conversation. Whichever way you choose to watch and follow our free ninja training videos, we welcome you to the Ninja Learning Network community.  Please add your positive comments and training tips to the comments on any of our free ninja training video sites.

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