Kamae, Ukemi and Kaiten Videos

Watch our Ninja Training Video Blog free clips to learn more about Kamae, Ukemi and Kaiten (stances, breakfalls and rolls.) These give introductory explanations and very basic demonstrations of a few main points about the postures, breakfalling and rolling used in modern Bujinkan Ninjutsu training. Combined and in motion, these fundamental training techniques are some of the most important foundations for stances and body motion technique for both attacking and escaping.

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Why study kamae, ukemi and kaiten videos?

Over the centuries, certain truths about the physics of the human body related to battle survival were noted, practiced and handed down through generations — and the kamae, ukemi and kaiten maneuvers are some of those most important forms.  In Bujinkan (Ninjutsu) they are taught as starting points to learn about how to use the body for successful survival, they are not intended to be merely re-enacted as martial arts forms “for form sake.”  Students should learn “the essence” and purpose of kamae, ukemi and kaiten forms and how they vary when motion (changing the body’s angle, distance, and timing.)  Kamae are “postures” or “stances”, Ukemi are “breakfalls” and Kaiten are “rolls.”  As you move you generally change your body position from one kamae to another because they are proven to be strong balance postures in terms of human physics.  Ukemi and Kaiten can be used for both attacking and escaping, but beginning students usually learn them as escape techniques, initially.


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