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Watch Kyusho Point videos and download the free chart from the black belt course to learn more about the “Weakness/Pain Pressure Points” on the body. Kyusho are the natural “weakness spots” on the human body, or places where nerves and tissue intersect in special ways that can be manipulated. These points are studied by both health practitioners and warriors. In Bujinkan and many other martial arts they can be attacked to inflict pain and cause confusion in the mind of the opponent. It is dangerous to train without professional supervision, you can seriously affect the breathing, circulation and other vital functions of your training partner if you do not train carefully! You should gently feel for these kyusho points on your own body to understand where they are and how pressure affects them. When you are practicing strikes on kyusho points, take care not to harm your training partner! When you carefully train to target these points, consider how you can reach them with your hands, feet and objects. The five kyusho points featured in this video are Nagare, Uko, Sui Getsu, Jakkin and Kasumi. There are dozens more.

Kyusho Points Chart from the Black Belt Course

The points in this chart are just some of the total number of points found on the body. These are the points taught in the Basics of Ninja Training black belt course. Refer to the course guide of the black belt course for information about the kyus in the course. Sensei demonstrates how to attack them to freeze most opponents. So much pain is experienced that the person involuntarily shuts down, but rarely is seriously harmed. These are popular law enforcement and self defense techniques for that reason. However, use care when practicing attacks on kyusho points because you can cause serious damage to a body if you do not know what you are doing.

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kyusho point chart download

Sample Kyusho Point Video Demonstration

This video is from 5th kyu of the blackbelt course and features Sensei Roemke and senior instructors of the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo in Calfornia USA. Over 2 dozen kyusho points are addressed in the video black belt course “Basics of Ninja Training®”

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