Mark Roemke Samurai Sword Evasion Videos

Mark Roemke demonstrates Samurai sword evasion videos with these training exerpts from 7th Kyu of the “Basics of Ninja Training” Bujinkan video black belt course. Learn “Shinken Mutodori gata” techniques to escape from a katana attack. Shihan Roemke explains Shinken Mutodori Gata techniques from 2 standing kamae postures, Ichimonji No Kamae (Figure Number One Posture), Hira No Kamae (Flat Posture) and Jumonji No Kamae (Figure Number Ten Posture.) The katana is one of the many common types of swords commonly used for Samurai and Ninja training but is most famous for it’s deadly effectiveness when wielded by Samurai.

Mark Roemke Samurai Sword Evasion Videos

The entire 7th Kyu of the “Basics of Ninja Training” video black belt course is like a mini-sword lesson all by itself. If you want to get the sword videos from the black belt course, you can download individual lessons about it from the Ninjutsu On-Demand channel.

Use extreme caution while training with ALL weapons shown in the video black belt course and other clips online. Be aware that most ninja and samurai weapons are probably ILLEGAL where you live. Contact your local government and law enforcement agencies in your area and do NOT use illegal weapons.

Wood, plastic and foam training weapons should replace all real weapons during most of your training. Only use real swords and blades under experienced supervision. You can make your own stick objects to simulate training with Samurai katana swords or other blades such as tanto knives and yari spears. Or buy professional gear with padding and perfect ergonomic symetry. Find real training-quality steel katana and foam or wood training sword sets from our friends who list their items like these:

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You can get the DVD or Bluray set for the “Basics of Ninja Training” Bujinkan black belt course during your same order of practice weapons, uniforms and gear to ensure you have a safe and effective training experience with your martial arts partners.

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