Nage Waza Bujinkan Black Belt Body Throws

Learn all about real Ninja body throws in our Nage Waza Bujinkan videos to learn about the physics of controlling your opponent in motion.  These are the Ninja “body throws” that are also a staple of many martial art schools.  In Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, there are over 30 different forms of body throws taught during first degree black belt training, and hundreds of additional variations of those basic forms.  They usually involve a series of grappling movements that first take the opponent off balance, lift them, and then rotate, flip or drop them onto the ground. In Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, more finishing maneuvers will usually follow the move to ensure the opponent is fully submissive and then a weapon attack or escape may also occur. The video below shows just a few examples and a complete list of the Bujinkan names for throws is provided below.

Nage Waza Bujinkan Techniques from 5th Kyu

You’ll see these techniques in most martial arts, definitely in all the Ninjutsu schools, although the names and terms will not be the same. These nage waza Bujinkan forms are fundamental techniques that are simply based on physics. Thousands of years of martial art battles have given warriors the chance to pass down these specific tactics based on the absolute basic form and motion of the human body, and how a second one can affect the motion of the first.

The video black belt course “Basics of Ninja Training®” gives you very detailed instruction about these 32 ninja body throws:

6th kyu nage waza (Bujinkan terms):

Yoko Nagare – Sideways Flow
Tachi Nagare – Standing Flow
Tachi Nage – Standing Throw
Temakura – Hand Pillow
Koshi Nage – Hip Throw
Ippon Seoi Nage – One Arm Shoulder Throw
Ippon Zeoi Nage – One Arm Back Throw
Gyaku Ippon Zeoi Nage – Reverse One Arm Back Throw

5th kyu nage waza:

Osoto Nage – Major Outer Throw
Seoi Nage – Shoulder Throw
Ganseki Otoshi – Dropping a Big Rock
Ganseki Ori – Breaking a Big Rock
Ganseki Oshi – Pushing a Big Rock

4th kyu nage waza:

Itami Nage – Pain Throw
Katate Nage – One Handed Throw
Oosoto Garuma – Major Outer Wheel
O Uchi Gake – Circle Throw
Karuma Nage – Wheel Throw
Sui Nage – Water Throw

3rd kyu nage waza:

Harai Goshi – Sweeping Hip Throw
Hiza Garuma – Knee Wheel
Hane Koshi – Popping Hip Throw
Uchi Mata – Inner Thigh Throw
Yoko Seoi Nage – Sideways Shoulder Throw

2nd kyu nage waza:

Kubi Nage – “Neck Throw”
Gyaku Ippon Seoi – “Reverse #1 Shoulder Throw”
Empi Nage – “Elbow Throw”
Taki Otoshi – “Cataract Drop”

1st kyu nage waza:

Advanced Karuma Gaeshi Nage – “Wheel Turn Throw”
Juji Nage –  “Figure #10 Throw” (2 versions)
Morote Gyaku Ippon Zeoi Nage – “Two Handed Shoulder Throw”
Ura Nage – “Reverse Throw”

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