Ninjutsu Kicking (Keri) Sokuho, Koho, Happo and Sukui Geri from 8th Kyu

This clip demonstrates Ninjutsu Kicking (“Keri”) from the 8th kyu of the “Basics of Ninja Training” Black Belt course.

Ninjutsu Kicking (Keri) Sokuho, Koho, Happo and Sukui

Sokuho Geri is a sideways kick that projects the heel. Koho Geri is often called the “back kick.” Happo Geri is the “8 way” kick, and Sukui Geri is a front scooping kick.

The 8th Kyu Keri – “Kicks” are:

Sokuho Geri – Sideways Kick
Koho Geri – Backwards kick
Happo Geri – Kicking in Eight Directions
Sukui Geri – Scooping Kick

Mastering Ninjutsu Kicking

You should be able to do these very slowly, controlling all muscles and balance points of your body at every moment. Try to move very slowly while aiming and controlling your strike, even holding the body still at various moments during the maneuver. At first this is more important than attempting maximum power. You will achieve maximum power later anyway if you first master control, speed, balance and targeting.

This training drill gives you a good idea to help you practice Keri (kicking.) You can download complete lessons from the black belt video course “Basics of Ninja Training” immediately, or get DVD or BluRay discs, filmed in HiDef