San Shin Gokui – 5th Kyu “Basics of Ninja Training” Black Belt Course

San Shin “Gokui” is the “inner essence” of the San Shin which can be practiced with or without weapons. The study and training of San Shin (The Three Hearts Form) helps you understand different types of “energy” for your body motion such as earth, wind, fire, water and void.

San Shin Gokui (“Inner Essence”)

You can learn more san shin training techniques in other free videos on our Youtube channel, or go in depth with san shin techniques and other Ninja and Samurai training methods from the Ninjutsu black belt video course “Basics of Ninja Training” for TV, computer, mobile device, game console, more. With 15th Dan Sensei Roemke.

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Hatsumi Soke Teaches the San Shin No Kata

Hatsumi Soke (Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi) is the Grandmaster of the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu school, a.k.a. “The Bujinkan” and started opening his school to include western martial artists since the 1980’s. He’s authored numerous books that help enlighten the world about the Ninja and Samurai martial art tradition. While many secrets are still not revealed to the public, his school presents techniques and philosophies of the ancient Japanese Samurai and Ninja.

Essence Of Ninjutsu by Hatsumi

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