Video Personal Training

You can order video personal training from Ninja Learning Network®. Get feedback from skilled members of the Bujinkan who are currently training in ninja and samurai skills. We analyze your home made martial arts video to give you feedback on your own skills in conjunction with the Basics of Ninja Training® video black belt course.

About Video Personal Training

Get Video-based Skill Assessment, and Kyu Pre-Testing by purchasing the optional Virtual Ninja Package.  The black belt video is not included, must purchase separately. See Course Guide for more information about the course and optional personal assessment.

Check the “Ninjutsu Dojos and Training Partner Map” to find sensei and partners

The Virtual Ninja Package video personal training option is what you purchase if you want us to look at YOUR home-made videos (uploaded to Youtube or on DVD that you mail to us.) Send us your video for general assessment or for feedback about kyu testing and greenbelt rank testing. You can submit up to one hour of your home-made video each time you purchase a Virtual Ninja Package. You may purchase as many packages as you need.


Inquire if you are interested in video personal training:
The VIRTUAL NINJA program is $100 per hour of your uploaded video. Feedback for one person only. Youll receive customized text feedback about your skills.


What you get with ONE Virtual Ninja Package video personal training:

We will review and comment on your own videos that you make yourself
(You upload your own videos to Youtube or send us DVD/CD by mail:)

You may upload up to six 10-minute home-made videos of yourself for analysis on Youtube. Within 10 days of notification that one of your videos is uploaded, we will comment on your technique and answer your questions. OR you may mail in a DVD or CD of your home movies instead of using Youtube limit of 1 hour of video. You do not have to purchase the blackbelt video course Basis of Ninja Training™ to purchase a Virtual Ninja Package. You may ask for kyu pre-test feedback and greenbelt rank pre-testing feedback as part of this package. If you need another hour of assessment, just purchase another Virtual Ninja Package. Your one hour of videos must be submitted all at one time, not in segments over time, unless you get permission in advance to do otherwise. (*See limitations and restrictions In #1 below. Also see details about belt and kyu testing below.*)

B. We will try to find in-person training opportunities near you

Ninja Learning Network™ assumes you will do some in-person training while also utilizing our ninjutsu video personal training service. We do not advocate that anyone should try to learn Ninjutsu by means of watching video and asking for video assessment only. Even occasional training such as at Ninjutsu seminars or private training should be performed by you. We will contact dojos or instructors in your area (if there are any) and introduce you to those people. If you decide to train or test with them they will likely charge you their usual training and testing fees. You can also be listed on our Find Ninja Training Partners Google Map if you like. We cant guarantee that we will find someone to train with you, there may not be anyone in your immediate area. We will direct you to the closest Bujinkan trainers, however, and introduce you to them via email.

About KYU Rank Pre-Testing with the Virtual Ninja Package:
Students who purchase this package of video personal training may “pass” a kyu “pre-test” via video analysis or in person. We recommend that you get assessment for each of the 9 kyus as you study them. To pass a kyu test the student must demonstrate knowledge of all content and the ability to perform it without consulting notes. “Testing” does not guarantee “passing” and we will be very strict before passing a student’s test. You have more than one chance to pass a pre-test. When pre-testing for a kyu via video analysis, all the maneuvers in a single kyu must be organized into one submission and can not be dispersed across many submissions over time. Students asking for this option will receive written verification of the “pass kyu pre-test status.”  (Note: some of the kyus require presence of a partner in the analysis videos for proper demonstration and there are safety considerations about this if the partner is not also training in martial arts. Ninja Learning Network is not liable for injury or damage sustained to video training partners or yourself while participating in any way with this online Ninjutsu lessons program.) We do not issue certificates from Japan or Kyu patches.  Students will likely have to purchase more than one Virtual Ninja Package to be assessed for all 9 kyu lessons because each package purchase entitles a student to one hour of video analysis. It will take all students longer than one hour of video assessment to achieve results leading up to the black belt level. One Virtual Ninja Package entitles one student only to video assessment, the training partners in your videos will not be assessed as part of your package.

About BELT Rank Pre-Testing with the Virtual Ninja Package online Ninjutsu lessons:

Students who purchase this package may request a pre-test assessment for their greenbelt rank via video analysis but Ninja Learning Network emphasizes that real belt tests and kyu tests are to be performed in person (which we do not do.) Greenbelt test is for the material in kyus 8 and 9 of the blackbelt video course Basics of Ninja Training™. (or you can pass 9th and 8th kyu tests separately, earning you the right to wear a green belt.) Blackbelt tests will never be administered via video in person only! It is assumed that you will be training “in-person” with someone while following the video instruction in the “Basics of Ninja Training™” blackbelt video course program, even if you can only train occasionally such as at seminars or by using private instruction.  Ninja Learning Network™ will make every effort to find other qualified instructors near you who can train you and award blackbelt rank to you “in-person” (if there are any available.)  There are other ways we can help facilitate a blackbelt test for you if the other options are not easy to manage. To earn the real first degree blackbelt (Shodan) a student must prove proficiency in all the material outlined in the Basics of Ninja Training™ blackbelt video course. But every dojo and sensei will have their own criteria that may be different that our black belt course. When a student must test with an instructor, there usually is a fee due to that instructor, and there may be additional training fees or requirement to train with that sensei over time. Be aware that, although some other online ninjutsu lesson black belt courses promise to award belt rank to students who only interact via video, this practice is not recommended by most ninjas the Bujinkan Community. Such methods do not ensure that you are training correctly or safely.  You can only learn so much via videos, even though they are extremely helpful. If you really want to learn this art, you must practice it with humans and you must be tested by experts who are in the room with you. Video personal training is only a supplement, not a replacement for actual training.

*Notes About Limitations and Restrictions for the video personal training with Virtual Ninja Package

General: You must be 18. You should consult with your doctor before beginning any martial arts training. Ninja Learning Network is not liable for any injury of damages you incur while engaging attempting to learn or emulate the instruction provided in videos, emails or online interactions. You must conform to the Bujinkan Guidelines listed at

*1 Your personal training videos posted on Youtube are subject to time limits, so compose the personal training videos you make of yourself carefully. You may submit up to one hour of your own video in total. Other platforms for posting your home videos online can not be considered. Kyu tests and greenbelt rank pre-test may be given as part of this service for no charge, but refer to details below about further restrictions and limitations.

*2 No discount or refund will be offered if you a) decline or fail to participate later on, b) you do not pass your pre-tests. Expenses you incur to attend additional in-person training are your own responsibility and are not included with this package. You will not be allowed to train at the dojo unless you sign a standard dojo liability waiver. You will not be guaranteed rank advancement, it will be awarded only if you safely and successfully pass your testing.  All feedback is in English. You must also agree to and conform with the student requirements set by the Honbu Dojo in Japan see

The blackbelt video course is not included with the Virtual Ninja Package.

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