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What is the Ninjutsu Home Study Video Course?

It’s easy to watch authentic Ninjutsu lessons and Ninja street defense tips in the tradition of Bujinkan’s Grandmaster Hatsumi Soke. Bujinkan University offers the perfect learning material about how to “be a Ninja” in modern times. Their courses are suitable for total martial arts beginners or for experienced students from any martial art school.  This is classic and complete reference material that will improve any martial arts student’s quest for understanding the wisdom, techniques and weapons of the Ninja, including modern-day Ninja self-defense adaptations. It is ideal for all martial arts students studying or reviewing for the Shodan level (first degree black belt) of Bujinkan in the tradition of Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi. The course is so complete that students who learn the material would be able to pass black-belt rank tests at most Bujinkan dojos around the world.


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What about Ninjutsu Lessons Online?

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Can I really learn to be a Ninja from videos?

Videos are only meant to be used as a life-long learning tool to assist students who are also training with real people, even if training is occasional.  Any student who learns to perform the material in a video course, along with “in-person” training, can eventually earn a first degree black-belt test at almost any Bujinkan dojo in the world.  Find more information about Ninjutsu lessons on our recommended black belt page, or see more Bujinkan clips on our FREE Youtube channel, and also look into Hatsumi Soke’s books.

How do course curricula vary from one dojo or program to another?

About Ninjutsu Lessons and authentic Bujinkan dojos/instructors:
Bujinkan instruction varies radically from on sensei to the next because authorized instructors are free to teach and award rank in any way they see fit. There are many great dojos, instructors and videos available across the globe.  We also emphasize in-person training wherever it is available and help students find training opportunities near them (even for students who send videos to us for analysis.) Our program assists existing dojos looking for connections to more students so that the Bujinkan community can grow and become as supportive to each other as possible.

Can I get just the videos without paying for training, video assessment or rank test test assistance?

Yes. Most videos (DVD, Blu-ray or downloads) don’t automatically come with any in-person training, video assessment or rank testing. You can rank test and use video assessment with Bushindo University’s courses.

Who is authorized by Hatsumi Soke (Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi -the Grandmaster of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu)

 Ninja Learning Network is aligned with (and also seeks more) authorized instructors around the globe who want to receive our students on referral basis and to receive instructional support from Ninja Learning Network. See other FAQs on this page below to learn more about Ninjutsu lessons that are official “Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu” black belt training.

How can I get assessment/testing of my skills via video, either by online uploads or by mailing a DVD/CD? Can I get in-person training and rank testing?

You can send in your home-made videos or find training partners/dojos on our map

How do I get a black-belt rank with your program?

First, expect a long journey no matter how you train for you black belt, or who is you black belt Sensei. Unless you are just watching to see the information, it is assumed that you will be training “in-person” with someone while also following the video instruction, even if you can only train occassionally such as at seminars or by using private instruction. Find instructors and seminars in cities near you for more live instruction. If there are any dojos or instructors in your area and you decide to train with them, they would likely charge additional fees. Ninjutsu sensei will never award a black belt except during an in-person session.

Ninja Learning Network can help you find qualified instructors near you who can train you and award belt rank to you “in-person.” There are other ways we can help facilitate a black-belt test for you if the other options are not easy to manage. Be aware that, although some online black belt courses promise to award belt rank to students who only interact via video, this practice is not respected by Ninja Learning Network and a large portion of the Bujinkan Community. Such methods do not ensure that you are training correctly or safely.

If you really want to learn this art, you must EVENTUALLY practice it with humans and you must be tested by experts who are in the room with you.  Videos can help immensely but students should also train with people before expecting to pass their black belt test, of course.

2018 Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojos and Training Partners Ninja Training Map at Ninja Learning Network

Do you require or offer Kyu testing? What does it cost?

Most dojos require formal testing after each kyu. Some also issue stars and kyu patches to be worn on uniforms. Ninja Learning Network does not offer kyu testing. We recommend Bushindo University for the most comprehensive online training program. It is highly recommended that students test in-person for each kyu with a qualified sensei, or at least get feedback by means of submitting videos for analysis if in-person training is not available near you.  Ninja Learning Network does not issue star patches.

I would like to learn this martial art and become an instructor. What do I do?

About Ninjutsu lessons and Bujinkan instructors: There is a shortage of qualified instructors around the world because new, motivated people are discovering daily that the art of the Ninja is no longer a secret, and that it is awesome. It’s very difficult for some students to find instructors near them so there is a need for new instructors in this growing international community. Students can begin instructing others formally after they have achieved their 5th Dan level (5th degree black-belt) of training. There are various status types for 5th Dan level, each with different rights about teaching.

Top instructors are 10th Dan level or above (10th degree black-belt, or “Shihan”) and may lead their own dojo.  If you have studied other martial arts and you have access to regular “in-person” training, you may be able to accomplish one of the instructor levels in a couple of years or so.  If you are a total beginner or you don’t have easy access to training, you should expect to devote several years to this goal. Ninja Learning Network does not provide training for instructors. We recommend the Bushindo University Bujinkan Masters Program.

How do you support Bujinkan instructors, dojos, clubs and students around the world?

About Ninjutsu lessons around the world: We try to educate students and instructors about Ninjutsu lessons and training opportunities by providing many resources such as the free “Ninja Training Video Blog” on Youtube, a high-quality video black belt course that anyone can use, online training for students with no access to instructors, and an informative web site with ways for people to interact with each other.

Youtube Channel Videos Ninja Training Bujinkan Ninjutsu

We rely on lots of personal correspondence to help people connect and provide a free listing tool on the new “Find a Ninjutsu Training Partner” Google map. We try to find instructors to refer our video customers and students to for training and testing. We welcome inquiries of any kind from any instructors or dojos. (Thanks to our partners and supporters from making this possible.)

On the internet it seems like there is a lot of emphasis on learning from videos as opposed to “in-person” training. Is this true and how does the Bujinkan community handle so much video training?

About Ninjutsu lessons online: almost every instructor and dojo in the Bujinkan will tell you that TRAINING IN PERSON WITH OTHERS is the only way to learn this art and that videos can only serve to help (just as the videos and books by Hatsumi Soke attempt to do.) We believe that, too. We agree that training with people is necessary and critical. Videos can help a student study any sport or art, but only if the student also trains with others, and only if the student also relies on real practice as their primary training method.  Videos help clarify terminology, offer motive and history behind maneuvers and help a student recall and examine things that are difficult to write on paper for later reference.

Of course, effective self defense goes beyond earning a first-degree black-belt and it is assumed that a true devotee of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu will continue their “Ninja” studies after Shodan level in order to master the essence of the art. Videos can only summarize some basics, but the opportunity to learn the art with video assistance is infinite when combined with interaction with real instructors over the course of a lifetime.

What is the difference between Ninjutsu and Bujinkan? Why are there other instructors who do not use the terms “Ninjutsu” or “Bujinkan” to teach their art, but say they are teaching “Ninja” arts?

About Ninjutsu lessons and Bujinkan: Bujinkan is Ninjutsu. There are many ancient schools of Japanese self defense originating from Ninjutsu, Samarai and other historical schools and periods. As with other arts, there are also numerous modern adapatations of those forms currently promoted by various individuals. Authentic “Bujinkan” is a collection of 9 schools (once secret) passed down in Japan to Hatsumi Soke, the Grandmaster of what is today called “Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.”  Some of those 9 schools within the Bujinkan system of study are called “Ninjutsu” schools (Ninja) and some are called “Samurai” schools. Bujinkan’s 9 schools and some specific forms of “Ninjutsu” learning are often referred to as “Ninja” in the public vernacular.

There are a few modern day schools based on some “Ninjutsu/Ninja” techniques that have been “re-designed” or “re-named” that say they are rooted in Ninjutsu/Ninja tradition, but if they are not authorized by Hatsumi Soke they are not considered authentic Bujinkan. Anyone can find that there is some contention between a few modern schools on the Internet, but Ninja Learning Network takes no position about any of them. Rather, we simply focus on teaching basic, genuine Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu as it is being passed down from Hatsumi Soke to his students.

This teaching is, and always has been, more than a system of codified maneuvers — it is an approach to self defense that comprises any effective concepts. In general, any instructor authorized by Hatsumi will clearly identify him/herself as being with the Bujinkan. Others who are not currently authorized by Hatsumi are not allowed to do so.

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