Advanced Ninja Body Throws (Nage Waza) – Bad Ass Slow Motion from Kyu 1

Advanced Ninja Body Throws are called “Nage Waza” in the martial art category known as Ninjutsu. The techniques shown in this video are from the samurai and ninja school of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Bujinkan is taught and lead by it’s Grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan.

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Dozens of Advanced Ninja Body Throws (Nage Waza)!

What happens after you train for awhile? You can do the same badass techniques demonstrated by the advanced martial artists in this slow motion clip, that’s what! This clip shows some of advanced ninja body throws (Nage Waza) from the Ninja Training Video Blog on Youtube.

Train ON! But do not practice these activities without qualified supervision! Learning how to ‘be thrown’ during training is part of your martial arts skill set. You can seriously injure a training partner who does not know how to land and/or if you do not have control of the maneuver.

Nage waza are usually called ‘body throws’ or throws. In the Bujinkan, these forms are fundamental techniques that are simply based on physics. Thousands of years of martial art battles have given warriors the chance to pass down these specific tactics based on the absolute basic form and motion of the human body, and how a second one can affect the motion of the first.

Beyond Advanced Ninja Body Throws…

You can learn more ‘nage waza’ (body throws) training techniques and watch other free videos on our YouTube channel. (Or on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where we post all the YouTube videos, too.) If you are already experienced at a basic level, you deeper with other self defense techniques and other Ninja and Samurai training methods from the Ninjutsu Bujinkan black belt video courses all across the web. The black belt course from Bushindo University has all the nage waza lessons you would ever need!

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