Basic and Advanced Sword Principles – 2017 Taikai – Richard Van Donk

Join the Taikai! Learn how to make your sword sing out that classic Ninja sword swish you crave to hear from your own katana. We hope you enjoy watching these basic and advanced sword principles that are typical at a Bujinkan Taikai. Thanks to Grand Master Richard Van Donk of Bushindo University for providing this never-before-seen instructional sword video taken at the Northern California 2017 Taikai. Inquire with Bushindo University about the next International Taikai or other training seminars.  Sword courses at Bushindo University start with the basics included in the first degree shodan black belt course or take a free step on your pathway with certification training courses for SWORD MASTER, SWORD SPECIALIST and/or NINJA WEAPONS SPECIALIST. We recommend going “all in” with the Bujinkan Ninjutsu Master Course, which is a DISCOUNT PACKAGE for ALL of the courses at Bushindo U. Courses are available in DVD or Online, and they all include access to the training portal where students and sensei from all over the world can interact, including Grand Master Richard Van Donk and the Masters Council Shihan group who coach students online personally from the portal. In person training is always available by arrangement-in-advance at the Bushindo University dojo in California USA, at International TaiKai events, and some other possibilities.

Basic and Advanced Sword Principles at the 2017 Taikai with Richard Van Donk

Make Your Sword SING…Become ONE with your Sword… Grand  Master of Bushindo University, Bujinkan DaiShihan Richard Van Donk, teaches here some of the basic and advanced sword principles of how to hold and cut with better perfection, as well as how to use your Taijutsu (body technique, or body momentum) to cut – not just using your arms. As he says, just having a sword in your hands, integrated as part of yourself, will completely change your energy.  Practicing will eventually help you hold the blade exactly right to make it “sing” as you slice it through the air. There are techniques and tips here for every level of swordsman and swordswoman.  This video shows the importance of making your sword feel like an extension of yourself, ways to train with some of the basic postures (kamae) and some cuts (kiri, giri.) The 2017 Taikai offered many more hours of advanced training and coaching in swordsmanship. Notice that Shihan is practicing with a wooden training sword and a dull steel katana for safety reasons, as all students should do. Never train with a live sharpened blade as a beginner alone, practice with trained professionals until your teacher clears you to try a real blade.

The Complete Sword Training Course Curriculum Outline

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Can I learn Samurai sword training techniques at Seminars or Bujinkan Taikai?

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a modern martial art school based on ancient samurai and ninja warrior techniques. Many taikai and seminars held by Ninjutsu sensei, especially in the Bujinkan, will feature sword and other Japanese blade defense techniques. The sword study Enbukan is often learned by Bujinkan members, as the Machida family who teach the art are located nearby and associated with Bujinkan Grandmaster Hatsumi. Many ninja training taikai seminars will focus on samurai sword training, whereas others may only touch on some special katana training. Check the taikai calendar at Ninja Learning Network to find opportunities for samurai sword training.
Taikai 2017 Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu by International Bujinkan Dojo Association