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Black Belt Course Selections from Bushindo University start at 1st degree black belt (Shodan) all the way to 15th degree, Instructor/Sensei certification (Shidoshi), and beyond.

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Free videos are great, but you can’t beat a complete first degree black belt course with Bushindo University’s DVD+Streaming portal Combo. Or just get the online package. Watch many hours of ninja video instruction that teaches a complete first degree ninja black belt experience (first degree belt is the shodan level, taught  in this course as passed down from Hatsumi Soke’s school of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, known as a form study in ninjutsu, ninpo.) You can also study all the way up to 15th degree (15th Dan black belt) in the Bujinkan. By participating in the International Bujinkan Dojo Association courses you also gain automatic access to established online International training forums, a library of streaming videos, opportunities to acquire specialist weapons training, instructor credentials and skills, and rank testing opportunities. If you don’t have a sensei, club or dojo in your area, you can arrange in-person training and testing at global Taikai events around the world.

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Shodan: DVD + Stream the First Degree Black Belt Course

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Additional video or in-person testing and training is also available for all kyus and all belt degrees. The Shodan course is the first degree black belt and you may continue your training into the more advanced belt degrees with Bushindo University as well. The next level is the Nidan (2nd degree, 2nd Dan) course or you can specialize in weapons and/or learning to be the Sensei of your own dojo.

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Of course, the belt is not included. But everything you would learn in a real ninja dojo is demonstrated in Bushindo U’s Ninjutsu Home Study videos. Learn how to use and adapt traditional and modern variant weapons, see constant training tips, understand how to create your own modern variations of the traditional forms, learn actual samurai school techniques and ancient ninja scroll instruction, follow along with an explanation of the 9 kyus and shodan training. General martial arts conditioning and awareness are covered in detail. This course is suitable for any age or any background with martial arts training, even total beginners.


How can I learn Ninjutsu or Bujinkan online or on DVD?

No martial artist can really learn the art without training in person. With the exception of its history and technical discussion. But video tools are an important support for learning about Ninjutsu waza, history and training techniques. Many sensei will support in-person training sessions and taikai seminars for people who usually must learn through home practice, books and videos because they are not near a dojo. Rank is never given without real in-person training but video black belt courses can provide a wealth of understanding and motivation for anyone just interested in watching and reading about what it takes to be a ninja. Grandmaster of the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Masaaki Hatsumi, teaches 9 schools based on ninja and samurai philosophy and survival techniques. The Bujinkan is one of the most popular and accessible ninja training organizations in the world.

Are Ninja Black Belt Courses online or on DVD real?

The quality of video tools for learning about Ninja Training (usually Bujinkan or Ninjutsu) online and on DVD are very high quality. They are meant to supplement real training and rank testing with a real Sensei in a dojo or Taikai seminar events. There is a lot to know about history, traditional ninja and samurai schools, the names and forms of the waza (maneuvers) and much more. It’s fun to watch the courses anyway, even if you don’t care about getting a black belt. Many instructors from various self-defense schools integrate many of the classic learning seen in Ninja black belt courses, which are passed down from ancient wisdom sometimes going back to pre-historic cultures.
Bujinkan Patch for 9th Kyu, level one of First Degree Black Belt Ninja Training

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