Bujinkan Official Membership – Join with IBDA

Bujinkan Official Membership – Join with IBDA

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International Bujinkan Dojo Association (IBDA) Membership:

Only AUTHORIZED DAI SHIHAN are permitted to collect the Bujinkan official membership fees and distribute memberships cards. Fees are intended to support the Bujinkan Organization. Dai Shihan are the highest ranked sensei in the organization. BEWARE of anyone collecting fees for membership who are not Dai Shihan and who do not have current ties and membership with the Bujinkan.

The International Bujinkan Dojo Association (IBDA), is directed by Dai Shihan Van Donk and it’s council of advanced leaders in Bujinkan training. Acquiring your Bujinkan Official Membership card from IBDA grants you full rights of a Bujinkan member, and the benefits of membership in the IBDA, too.


  • Instructor Dojo Training with Worldwide Sensei and Students
  • Bushindo University’s Online Portal Access
  • Free Distance Learning Programs – Online and Physical Courses
  • Japan Authorized Affiliation and ranks with Soke Hatsumi
  • Strategic Systematized learning system to 10th Dan+
  • TaiKais, Camps, Seminars, Japan Trips, Private Sessions with DaiShihan Richard Van Donk.
  • Official permission to train at Honbu with your Shihan in Japan
  • Shidoshi Training – How to be a teacher
  • Ninjutsu Dojo Building Course
  • Largest Ninjutsu Study Reference Library Anywhere
  • Ninjutsu Study Private Facebook groups
  • Ninjutsu.com website and members only area has 100’s of study pages
  • Newsletters
  • Rank recognition -Everyone will know your true skill level
  • COST is less than 2 cents a day

Earn a Bujinkan Patch for your Gi

Be a Ninja, Join the Bujinkan

For more information, visit the International Bujinkan Dojo Association about the full benefits of acquiring this membership or see the product details when you purchase for any listing.

This is the only Bujinkan Official Membership  card that gives you BOTH Bujinkan and IBDA membership. The International Bujinkan Dojo Association has for decades been dedicated to training students all over in the world in the Bujinkan Ninjutsu system of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.

Where can I get the annual Bujinkan membership card?

Since 2019, only Bujinkan sensei with the rank of Dai Shihan can issue membership cards for Grandmaster Hatsumi’s martial art school. Before then, membership was managed by the honbu (home dojo in Japan). The famous and coveted yellow cards that used to come from Hatsumi’s dojo are now historic documents. New memberships and cards are self-designed and issued only by Dai Shihan, the highest ranked sensei in Hatsumi’s ninja/samurai based martial art school. It’s possible to join online and get your annual Bujinkan membership card through Bushindo University, directed by Dai Shihan Van Donk. Free access to training videos and on online learning portal are included.
Bujinkan Membership Card from Bushindo University IBDA and Dai Shihan Van Donk

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