Crossbow, Hatchet, Sword – Martial Arts Camping Training Tools

Think about the modern crossbow, hatchet and inexpensive blade weapons from the dojo as part of your martial arts training tools. Such as when you go camping! Practicing techniques with modern objects should be part of your ninja training strategy. Archery was an important aspect of warfare for centuries. And today’s ninjas practice crossbow modern archery as part of their martial arts training and hunting activity. Throwing knives and hatchets is also not limited to traditional Japanese Samurai and Ninja tools. Taking advantage of your real-life scenarios, such as camping, it a good chance to practice your skills in real environments with the objects that are actually around you. Not just at the dojo.

Crossbow, Hatchet, Sword Training: Extreme Caution!

Remember to be aware of your surroundings when training outdoors. Check for the presence of other people befor throwing blades. Never damage wildlife or trees, especially on property you do not own. Federal and state regulations apply on government owned property.

The Crossbow: Modern Archery for Martial Arts Training and Hunting

The compound crossbow modern archery tool is a perfect example of old school weapons taken into the high-tech reality of the 21st century. The MTech model shown in the video is ON SALE!

crossbow from swords of might

Hatchet and Ax Tools for Throwing, Hand-held Defense and Camping

The utilitarian hatchet and knife set shown in the video is a good camping set, but they are also potential martial art training weapons. Practice using these the same way you would against the wall at targets in you dojo or at a target range.  Remember to be careful with live blades, so don’t ‘play’ with the tools, watch for other people, don’t leave weapons laying around. (And please don’t throw blades into live trees, so find dead stumps and wood for your target practice.)

Hatchet and Knife Camping Set

Why Bring Your Katana on Your Next Camping Trip?

If you own a practical live sword that is meant to take some training abuse, then bring it to train with in the wild. While hiking, you’ll get the feel of walking around with a sword at the ready. Occasionally stop to suddenly draw the blade, simulating an unexpected attack. At the camping site you can set up branches to practice your drawing, striking angles, distancing, levels and so on.  Do NOT expect to use your sword against real danger in the wild, such as attacks by bear, boar, wolves or irate hunters. This kind of training is only for practice and body conditioning.

Paul Chen Camp Video Sword

Looking for Hard to Find Ninja Training Tools and Supplies?

One of our authorized training weapons providers, Swords of Might, can also educate you on other traditional weapons and tools used by modern martial artist (survival or self defense training students.) Their selections are available for shipping anywhere in the world, wherever the items are legal. They have a huge selection of various training tools and hard-to-find dojo supplies. For example, real steel Shuriken are hard to find, so we recommend you visit them first if you are trying to find steel throwing stars (ninja stars), too.

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