Eskrima DeCuerdas Black Belt Video Courses

Eskrima DeCuerdas Knife and Stick Defense Black Belt Video Courses

The DeCuerdas Dynamic Eskrima black belt course, with four levels of training, is presented by Grandmaster Richard Van Donk. Eskrima black belt DVDs start at $44.95 for level one, but the black belt course is also available as online courses. Learn self defense techniques for sticks and knives from the current Grandmaster, inherited from GGM Tenio. Studied by Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and other famous, serious martial artists, this system of Eskrima is the perfect skill to add to your ninja training skill set.


We recommend you acquire the entire online course, which provides you with the four levels (yellow, green, brown and black) And get other bonus videos and 24/7 access to the online training portal where you can get questions answered as you go through the video lessons and written material.

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Includes GrandMaster Tenio Seminar 2 hours, Resource Downloads, Personal Coaching and Group Coaching

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“Eskrima is my ace in hole…If you love the short sword, stick or bladed arts then this course is for you. I say that with confidence as I studied with a short blade, close-in fighting master for 15 years (the late GGM Gilbert Tenio) – reaching the inheritance level, plus I studied with the best informal Japanese budo sword master I could find for over 30 years – reaching Shihan Menkyo level, and I studied with the best formal Japanese sword master I could find for over 20 years – reaching senior Shihan Menkyo status. I have had a passion for the bladed arts and nothing compares to Dynamic Eskrima. It is an ace in the hole no matter what your art is. And it is most effective empty handed as well.”

-Grandmaster Richard Van Donk

The late Grandmaster Tenio studied martial arts for 69 years under 19 different Eskrima masters. Gilbert Tenio was a teacher to Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Danny Inosanto, Wally Jay, Inheriting Master Richard Van Donk, and many more. DeCuerdas Eskrima Grandmaster Van Donk is also Grandmaster of Bushindo University and DaiShihan of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, the modern samurai and ninja school of Soke Hatsumi. Grandmaster Van Donk is a personal student of Hatsumi and trained for many years under Master Tenio before inheriting from him the Grandmaster designation. The history of Eskrima is related to Kali & Arnis Philippine martial arts.

eskrima black belt course on DVD or Online

What is the Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima Black Belt Program?


PART 1- You will get a complete introdution to Eskrima including detailed coverage of the weapons you will train with throughout the black belt course. You can follow along with demonstration of energizing warms ups for healthy conditioning that lead to safe training practices. Learn the basic positions, such as Ready, Attention, Fighting and Salute. Learn how to hold the sticks and knives as weapons to ensure safe training and effective self defense. You will study secondary defense techniques, too, such as some of the basic stick patterns, the five basic striking angles, and striking and the foundational cutting methods with blades.

PART 2 – You will learn nine angles of attack and the premise for the five distances. This art has a House Blocking System and you will learn drills, punching styles, passing motions, techniques called V-Movement Patterns and related learning that’s typical of classroom (dojo) master teachings. The philosophy behind Eskrima stick and blade self defense and training is also started on this beginning level, the yellow belt.


PART 1- Serrada stick strikes #6-#12 are demonstrated in the green belt level. Then you can study Long arc strikes, Using Arko (twirl of the stick) and Abaniko strikes #1 -3. Self defense is the main goal of Eskrima training and in this level you will start to analyze and practice single stick versus single stick inside & outside basics and Single stick #1-12 freestyle alternating strikes and blocking. The sticks and blades are not your only tool in Eskrima, so you’ll begin to learn about the role of Body Strikes, such as with your palms, and more.

PART 2- DeCuerdas kicks are part of the self defense system and an important catagory of learning covered in the green belt lessons. You’ll analyze body techniques such as empty hand sensitivity drills, too. At this point you begin to handle Covering-Tappon & Sacuppo plus knife and stick passing. Using body defense is part of your tool kit, so Levels #1-5 of body defense forms will be mastered at this level, along with hand blocking. One of the favorite aspects of training in this art is the DeCuerdas multi-hand flow drills, started here. Specific techniques for single stick empty hand disarms of strikes #1 -#5 will be mastered during your green belt training, too.


PART 1- Continue learning how to use your entire body in the environment during a self-defense scenario by practicing your falling skills, joint locks, and the basic body throws and takedowns. When you only have one stick to work with, you know from your brown belt training how to accomplish single stick grappling, locks & takedowns, return flow-dhecking, and stopping strikes. When more than one stick is available, you’ll have the option to protect yourself with the equally effective double stick blocking and double stick striking covered in the brown belt courses.

PART 2- There are many kinds of striking to learn when you are holding blades, such as short arc strikes, long blade strikes, pictos, and oraves-single blades. In these lessons you’ll learn special knife flow drill techniques. For sticks, you’ll see how to handle single stick vs. single stick disarms, single stick vs. single stick long range sparring drills and Abanico defenses. Training itself can involve special skills just to get yourself into good habits for successful and safe training, so Grandmaster Van Donk will provide experienced tips for perfecting your practice.


PART 1- This final level covers double stick principles, double 6-12 blocking, Espada y Dagga, Pictos- Double Trouble, Peck Peck Power, and Oraves- Double Blade. Learn how to adjust your techniques for fighting from the ground if you are down or as a strategy. You will continue to master stick fighting by practicing long staff basic strikes and long staff defense drills. This advanced level is also when you learn about Abaniko Fight Finishes.

PART 2- Finish with advanced learning of Dagga basics, defenses & disarms, Dagga hand dynamics, and techniques called jailing or trapping. The disarm flow drill is one advanced drill in this section, along with the Espada y Dagga Drill. Finally DeCuerdas cord basics and pattern flow drill training helps wrap up your advanced training. Finish with final thoughts and technqiues from Grandmaster Van Donk for the Pass, Trap, and Hit. You’ll get teaching tips for starting to train your own students and important guidance about grounding yourself. You also have the opportunity to understand the DeCuerdas Dynamic Eskrima black belt test &  award ceremony.

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eskrima black belt course on DVD or Online

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