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Find Ninja Dojos (bujinkan dojos, ninjutsu dojos) and training partners anywhere in the world. Or get yourself listed on the map so people can find you! This International Ninja Training map is intended for instructors, sensei, clubs or training partners who seek others for ninja training. Connect with other students and teachers in the martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, the Ninjutsu school of Hatsumi Soke.  Bujinkan Dojos, Clubs, Instructors, and Students are welcome to request a free listing!

Find Ninja Dojos and Training Partners

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Bujinkan dojos and ninjutsu instructors world-wide are invited to request their free listings!. All Bujinkan dojos, instructors, clubs and students of any level are welcome to list! Contact us to add a free listing. Give us the CITY you live in and any contact information you want to be publicly visible and any details, such as if you are a dojo, club, student-in-training. We can add any links you would like published, too.* Thank you… and Train ON!


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“Just as there are various time zones,
so exist various taboos among the world’s peoples and nations.
We must respect each other, striving to avoid such taboos.
We must put the heart of the warrior first, working together
for self-improvement and for the betterment of the organization.”
Hatsumi Soke (from Bujinkan Guidelines)

Can’t find Ninja dojos or training partners near you?

If you can’t find Ninja dojos near you, consider getting a video Black Belt Video Course from Bushindo University to keep training concepts fresh in your mind.  Consider joining the online community at Bushindo University’s online community portal, the NINJA DOJO! And you can always watch free tips, the weekly “Ninja Training Video Blog” on our Youtube Channel.

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Looking for the Honbu Bujinkan Dojo?

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Ninja Learning Network likes to support great online resources and instructors/dojos who operate under the guidelines of Soke Hatsumi’s Honbu Dojo in Japan. We prefer to only recommend sources that offer safe and authentic sources that demonstrate the utmost integrity. We welcome contact from any and all Ninjutsu Shihan and Bujinkan dojos who are reputable and who would like to be on our “recommended instructors” list or on our “Find Ninja Dojos” map.  When students ask us to help them find Ninja dojos or instructors in their area, we refer to our own list first – and then we refer them to you or to the map.

About Shinobi Gear’s Dojo Locator: Try them to find ninja training dojos, too. Plus, if you don’t find the gear you need on our own Supplies pages, you can check out Shinobi Gear’s website. It is a great resource for gear that is not offered on Amazon. Their Bujinkan / Ninjutsu dojo locator is specifically devoted to finding Ninja dojos.  They have a good reputation about filling orders and handling all your questions. We highly recommend that you browse their entire site while using their ninjutsu dojo locator.

About WIN: Jack Hoban’s “Warrior Information Network” where you can also find Ninja Bujinkan dojos, seminars and other great connections related to your Ninja training. Sensei Hoban also offers excellent training seminars across the USA and these training seminars are highly recommended by Ninja Learning Network.

*We reserve the right to reject map listing requests due to lack of authenticity or any other reason. 

How Can I find Ninja Dojos? (Ninjutsu dojo, Bujinkan dojo)

Try searching the global Ninja Dojo Map at Ninja Learning Network to find ninjutsu dojos, such as a bujinkan dojo and sensei learned in budo, shinobi, ninpo and all forms of ninja training.2018 Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojos and Training Partners Ninja Training Map at Ninja Learning Network