Find Soft Hanbo, Padded Swords & Handmade Tabi

Train safely with high quality, handmade soft hanbo, padded swords and tabi from Soft Hanbo Ltd. We met the maker and founder, martial artist Toomas Telvar, on a Bujinkan related martial arts group on Facebook. These padded sticks, swords and tabi are primo. All are handmade tools and they are as gorgeous as the images on your screen here. The high quality materials and craftsmanship are obvious. They’re called Soft Hanbo Ltd, but they are much more than training hanbo.

You asked for padded sticks, swords and tabi

We get a lot of questions about finding handmade cloth and leather Tabi, too. And more. It’s here. Check it out

Padded Swords, Sticks, Hanbo and Handmade Tabi

You’ll Train More with Quality Gear You Love

You can read about these handmade tools and gear at the Soft Hanbo Ltd site, and start your inquiries for your next gear upgrade.

Padded Sticks and swords
Soft Hanbo Ltd

If you love your gear you’ll be a much better martial artists. Having your home or dojo stocked with your favorite training tools on hand always means that we’ll put more time into good training. Quality, padded training sticks let you train better and longer with realistic partner practice. Safely!

Where can I find soft hanbo, padded swords and handmade tabi for Bujinkan training?

Internet search for local and online providers, and check for martial artists in the Bujinkan who hand-make gear, tools and unique ninja supplies. In the Bujinkan, many websites have a store section. Always look for the makers that offer highest quality hand-made items whenever possible. Support your local ninja.

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