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NINJA DOJO™ Online offers the world’s most comprehensive, authentic and proven Ninja Training Black Belt Courses and Advanced Certification Instruction. From beginner to Master… START FREE with a 15 day trial. If you like it, you may continue For as Low as Only $15 A MONTH!

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The Free Trail Online Ninja Dojo offer gives you the entire IBDA Ninjutsu Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Masters Course is loaded into the NINJA DOJO™ ONLINE PORTAL, plus so much more. Shidoshi Sensei Training, DeCuerdas Dynamic Eskrima, enlightenment studies, and special weapons courses are just some examples of the martial art lessons that go far beyond every other Ninjutsu program on the planet. Students who purchase the ‘ALL IN” LIFETIME master program get immediate access to all the lessons – forever. For students who choose the monthly low-cost option, the Ninja Dojo is designed to open time released lessons as you study. The longer you are in it the more information to study.

In Person Rank Testing arrangements, Online Coaching and TaiKai Event News is available through the NINJA DOJO™ portal. You can also get your annual Bujinkan membership with IBDA member card.

And you will make friends in the NINJA DOJO™ … so, know that you are not alone in your training. Buddies online can really help each other grow in the arts. You can send messages to any of your friends in the NINJA DOJO™ and ask questions to the community of students and sensei who are already there waiting to meet you. Get involved online with the NINJA DOJO™ community! Ask questions, help other people by answering their questions. Perhaps the greatest asset and life changing opportunity inside this NINJA DOJO™ study is your ability to ask questions! We want to coach you and guide you from my experience. If you don’t ask questions, we don’t know where you are at in the training. And you may have great knowledge to help others so jump in. The more that we support each other the greater the experience. Make sure that you read other people’s comments and questions as there can be great value in learning through other people’s insights. Our goal is to have an interactive Online World Wide Dojo community study the arts together.

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Why wait for the Free Trail Online Ninja Dojo Offer?

Ready? We are waiting for you! Take a test drive and go through the entire NINJA DOJO™ to get yourself really familiar with how it works and how many training video you can watch and all the informative articles you can read. Hundreds of hours of Ninja Training resources just waiting for YOU. There is no time limit on how much time you spend in the NINJA DOJO™. Watch the videos until they are a part of you and you know them well enough to teach them. Get them into your daily life. Don’t forget to practice the Junan Taiso conditioning exercises provided to build a Warrior Body.

Too intimidated to walk into a Martial Arts Dojo? Afraid of High Dojo Fees? No Real Instructor Nearby? What to study in Private? You really are in for a fun and challenging experience. Just relax and take it one step at a time. DaiShihan Richard Van Donk, master council shihan, and other students will take you from the very first steps of how to tie your belt and make a fist all the way up to throwing people around and taking away knives from attackers – and enjoying it!


Ninja Dojo Portal Checklist and Black Belt Courses Lesson List

New articles, comments and resources are being added all the time. Make sure that you go through EVERYTHING in the DOJO STUDY GUIDE so that you better understand our training at the International Bujinkan Dojo Association (IBDA.) It is meant to answer most all your questions. Questions and finding the answers is part of the journey. Those that hunger for more always succeed the best.

Be sure to check out the “ALL IN” LIFETIME  One-Payment Option Special where you get complete access to over 15 years worth of martial arts study, all from day one. Or pay as little as $15 per month for the time-released program that starts with access to hundreds of pieces of video, articles, and more. For students who choose the monthly low-cost option, the NINJA DOJO™ is designed to be time release sensitive – it follows your self-paced progress. The longer you are in it the more information to study. Depending on your level of membership and time in the dojo will determine how many tabs you see and how much information there is to study. New information will constantly be put into the portal. There is already, from day one, a ten year study plan ready for the ambitious student and it includes the Shidoshi Sensei teachers training. Become a master and sensei of your own dojo – it’s NOT a dream! Clearly the NINJA DOJO™ is way beyond the typical Ninja Training lessons portal on other Ninjutsu Bujinkan Training websites.

Start your Ninja Training Immediately with the Free Trail Online Ninja Dojo Offer

Choose the techniques, body movements or weapons that inspires you – AT YOUR OWN PACE. You can study anything you want when you want to. After your basic progression studies you can choose special topics such as a weapon that fascinates you for deeper study. That may be the Hanbo or Bo, or the famous katana Samurai sword. Know that your fascinations will change over time. Get what you need the most in order to make the greatest change in your life and become the best martial artist you can be.

Some people have the time to study it all and others do not. Don’t try to go too fast as it’s more about embodying the teachings than it is about learning information. Enjoy the training and know that there will always be more. When you start a video series, like say the 9th kyu, level one of the first degree black belt course (shodan), make sure you study it all the way through before just jumping to the next lesson. Get it encoded in your body EVEN if it seems simple. Because your foundations are everything!! Sloppy foundations make a sloppy martial artist. One reason is so that you remember and encode the continuity. This is how you build neural connections in your brain and body. With the NINJA DOJO™ you have private 24/7 access to lessons that will blow your mind.

Be a Ninja - Hatsumi Grandmaster of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

Watch Ninja Dojo videos….be a ninja!