Free Wooden Bokken Training Sword Father’s Day Sale

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Samurai Swords:

Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Tachi, Shirasaya, Nodachi, Nagamaki, Naginata

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Chinese Swords, Broadsword, Dadao, Dao, Jian, Guandao, Ninjato, Spears, Sword Cane

Looking for the Free Wooden Bokken Training Sword Father’s Day Sale Offer? SORRY, the deal is over this year. But keep looking because below we also give you some other great Father’s Day gift ideas for real samarai swords (katana), other forms of Japanese blades and knives, weapons training video courses and martial arts books by Bujinkan Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. Remember, when it comes to your favorite Ninja dad, every day is Father’s Day!

Free Wooden Bokken Training Sword Father's Day Sale is OVER, but

How to order Wooden Bokken OR Training Sword

Set of three blades with stand

Twin black ninja swords

Genuine, affordable Samurai katana

Modern style ninja Red sword with throwing kunai set

High-end handmade Katana

red katana sword set three bladesTwin-straight-swords-blacksword

modern style red ninja swordhigh end genuine katana

* FREE Wooden Bokken Training Sword Father’s Day Sale is discontinued, but you can buy one, or real blade from the providers shown above!

The bokken training sword recommended is constructed of oak with a dark stained finish. The handle is wrapped in a black nylon cord, just as a katana would be. The wooden training bokken has been constructed with a high detail to replicate the look and feel of a samurai sword, the katana, with a kissak at the end of the tip and a pentagonal spine and blade.

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