Hatsumi and Takematsu on Enlightenment Through Martial Arts

There are numerous mentions by Masaaki Hatsumi and Takematsu on enlightment and the lifelong study of Ninpo. Hatsumi Soke, current Grandmaster of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, was the student of Takematsu. Takematsu sensei passed down a lifetime of Ninjutsu martial arts knowledge to Hatsumi. Training techniques and philosophy combine in their teachings to provide a framework for learning self defense while also in the pursuit of enlightenment.  Their nuggets of wisdom can be found in the modern writings of Hatsumi Soke. Related wisdom is being interpreted from ancient scrolls by other ninja scholars. Hatsumi’s books often quote his conversations and experiences as a student of his master, Takematsu, and other sophisticated concepts about enlightenment through martial arts study that are his own thoughts.

Hatsumi and Takematsu on Enlightenment

Hatsumi And the Path Of Righteousness……

Real ninjutsu is not for assassins or wrongdoers, but for those who wish to cultivate perseverance and endurance in order to find better ways of leading a happy life. Looking back over nine hundred years of history, ninjutsu was understood as shinobu ho or a way of perseverance and endurance; and then came to be called ninjutsu (nin meaning perseverance and jutsu meaning an art. ) The well-tried ninjutsu developed into ninpo, which embraces a religious and philosophical concept as well as the art of war.
(-Hatsumi Soke, from Essence of Ninjutsu, ch.6)

Im not telling you to defeat the enemy, but be a man who can live.  Never be enslaved by martial arts take pleasure in them.  I wonder if only one out of tens of thousands of people can take pleasure in martial arts, though.

The ninja should dedicate themselves to sincerity and justice. Sincerity is also interpreted as trust. Trust has many meanings. It can be understood as advent or coming which may be the advent of the mind and eyes of god or communication between human beings and god. It also means faithfulness or being unsuspicious.(Takematsu to Hatsumi, Essense of Ninjutsu p.68)

Read Books by Hatsumi Soke….

We recommend starting with the classic “Essence of Ninjutsu”


Hatsumi and Takematsu on Enlightenment

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What Others Say About Hatsumi and Takematsu

Antony Cummin’s studies of the Ninja provide interesting perspective on the history of Hatsumi and Takematsu. Other schools and scrolls are proven to exist that provide enlightenment about how Ninja and Samarai techniques have reached us in the 21st Century.

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