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Watch Hatsumi videos to learn more about Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, the famous Ninjutsu school of Japanese Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. In his books and videos, Hatsumi Soke explains ancient techniques and modern applications descended from the secretive samurai warrior and Ninja groups.

“During taijutsu practice, my trainees often say to me, “I am sometimes sure that I have you cornered; in fact, however, you catch me before I know it.” It is not that I dodge him at the last moment, as is generally believed; rather, I hold his whole body and soul as if I were wrapping him up in my life itself.”
(Hatsumi, Essence of Ninjutsu, p.72)

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“My training theme of 2008 was “Ku;” that is to say, Ninpo Taijutsu. I frequently taught Takamatsu Sensei’s proverb: “You yourself must become Ku” — vanishing taijutsu, taijutsu that cannot be seen, taijutsu that becomes transparent. I was first taught this in the following way: “Taijutsu is that which sinks into the erogenous zones and disappears…” and many of the students at the time stood with grinning faces. I believe this is the memory that I have, and then I disappeared while showing that taijutsu.”
(Hatsumi, Essence of Budo, p.130)

Hatsumi Videos and Books:

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You can find vintage VHS tapes and other Hatsumi videos that explain specific techniques as well as some philosophy and history on the internet and at Amazon and Budovideos. Most Hatsumi videos are in Japanese with subtitles, of course. Although these Ninjutsu Bujinkan videos and books discuss specific techniques, you will notice that Hatsumi videos and books usually focus on the “feeling” of techniques and training, he gets to the heart of “the feeling” of real situations. While technical knowledge of an art is considered important in all Hatsumi videos, the approach he takes teaches students to connect with a “natural understanding” of the martial art as a whole. This is part of the reason that Bujinkan students do not engage in contests or competitions.  Hatsumi videos and books teach that Ninja martial arts are not about winning or losing but about surviving and understand the concepts of Budo.  For more details about Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, also called Ninjutsu, see the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu pages on this site and look for books by the Grand Master.

Be a Ninja - Hatsumi Videos and Books

CAUTION! We do not advocate the use of any of the Ninjutsu techniques in the Hatsumi videos except to train in traditional forms of this martial art under direct supervision of qualified professionals. We are not responsible for injury or damage you may cause by by emulating anything shown in these Hatsumi videos. Also, possession or transportation of some weapons may be illegal in some locations. Check with your local law enforcement agencies for legal details about martial arts weapons in your area.

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