Junan Taiso Conditioning for Martial Artists

Junan Taiso is a Japanese term for conditioning of all kinds. “Junan” means flexible, “tai” means body. This kind of flexibility (and strength) conditioning originates in yogic techniques for stretching and controlling breath and it now refers to any activity intended to condition your body.  It is intended to contribute to both physical health and well-being.  Flexibility, toning, stretching, enhanced circulation, focused concentration and relaxation are all components of this kind of martial arts conditioning and should be practiced daily and before each training session.

Junan Taiso “Conditioning”

Sensei Roemke created a “warm-up” conditioning video based on the junan taiso stretch sessions performed before every martial arts class at the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo. This junan taiso video is an excerpt from 9th kyu (level one) of Basics of Ninja Training®” Bujinkan black belt video course. The Basics of Ninja Training black belt course is no longer available. For information about Mark Roemke, please contact his dojo

This Hatsumi video shows some more traditional junan taiso conditioning and techniques. These hard-core martial artis do not need a gym membership or a no trespassing waiver.

Your sensei will always recommend that all martial arts students always warm-up and stretch before every training session – and to do it daily. Follow your sensei’s advice, and learn more about maximizing your own physical health and performance with outside books, DVDs, and gear for training and strengthening.

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The junan taiso conditioning session in our video is a fairly short one and you should spend much more time whenever you can, especially on areas of your body that are a bit tight. These specific junan taiso exercises will condition the tendons, ligaments and muscles and overall body movements you will use during a typical Ninja training session.  Of course you should never start any stretching, exercise or martial art training or body conditioning program without permission from your physician and only perform activities under supervision of a trained professional.

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