Katana Sale – Plus Wakizashi, Ninjato, Nodachi, Tanto, Shirasaya

Find your next Katana on Sale NOW! Plus browse for swords and blades such as Wakizashi, Ninjato, Nodachi, Tanto, Shirasaya and Chinese style martial art blades. And wait… there’s more… you can order a full Samurai Suit of Armor or Helmet.  You asked us where you can find custom katana or ready-made, quality, real traditional blade weapons, so we are working hard to list some approved tool providers.

High End Custom Blades OR Ready-Made Pieces ON SALE

We recommend Katanas For Sale for people who want custom designs or ready-made blades. You can also find Samurai armor and helmets, sword canes, tachi, spears, nagamaki and a huge selection of more tools. We recommend Katanas for sale if you are looking for custom hand-made, authentic modern Japanese style samurai weapons. And check out the selection of unique pieces that are ready to ship TODAY.

Katana Sale & Wakizashi, Ninjato, Nodachi, Tanto…

Dozens of Ready-Made Samurai Swords, knives, sword canes and accessories are


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Finally, a  place to order Samurai Armor and Helmets!

Samurai Armour and Helmets For SaleHand forged armor, made to order by experienced specialists. Your requests can vary armor color, the accent plate color and lace colors resulting in finished armor designs. With this service you can acquire a very fine reproduction of a Samurai suits and helmets.

Do you know about customizing your own Swords and Samurai Armor?

KatanasForSale will help you design the custom weapon of your dreams. Steel selection, handle material, saya design and elements, blade and wood color or materials. And other elements can be designed to your specifications!

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Browse through dozens of choices made with Clay Tempered Steel, Folded Steel, 1060 High Carbon Steel, 1095 High Carbon Steel, 9260 Spring Steel and T10 Tool Steel blades. The selection is awesome! Click around to fid gold blades, ebony and other perfectly polishes woods like rosewood, hand-crafted copper fittings, any saya you could imagine and so much more. Are you a katana or Japanese blade collector? Then check out the VIP club. Or just start your collection with an affordable, quality training katana on sale.

Katana Parts Custom Ordering

Custom Blade Options

Choose Your Blade Steel:

Select from a large selection of blades. Visit the sword makers to see a short guide about the different qualities of the blades and steel types

Special Blade Sizes are allowed:

A standard Katana blade is about 72cm for the blade and about 27cm for the handle. Blades are all standard size on all custom Katana swords orders unless you inquire to get a different size, for an extra charge

Kissaki Tip Styles:

The Kissaki is the pointy end of the Japanese sword, it has a ridge line. It is permittable to select either traditional Kissaki or Kiriha Zukuri type of blade tip.

Tsuba Guard Selections:

A recognizable custom feature of Japanese blades for centuries, the Tsuba is the sword guard. So, the Tsuba prevents the holder’s hand from cuts that occur from user or opponent blades. Many different Tsuba styles are available! One popular choice is the Copper Tsuba from the Fuchi Kashira and Menuki collection. Hold a completely original Samurai sword in your hands forever.

Ito Sageo Wrap (Handle Wrap):

Check out a good selection of materials and styles for your handle wrap material and color. Whether you prefer Synthetic Silk wrap a high quality leather wrap, it’s all literally at your fingertips.

Samegawa Rayskin cover Materials and Colors:

Various colors of Samegawa can used to protect the Tsuka (Handle), which looks great but it’s function is to allow proper gripping and prevent the hands from slipping during practice. Choose Between: Katate-Maki (Battle Wrap) or Tsumami Maki (Traditional Wrap)

Beautiful and Functional Saya (scabbard)

Lacquer wood, or choose our more high quality options such as full ray skin, or perhaps the kurigata and saya throat are buffalo horn

Other Enhancements

Enhance your sword to be something extraordinary. Available enhancement includes: Blood grove, Hadori Polish, Sword Engraving, Carbon Electroplating. Request either sharpened or non sharpened. And you can get any accessories you need such as stands, sword box and sword bags. All are gorgeous and will last forever.