New Ninja Training Online Platform launched by Cheever and Johnson at with International Bujinkan Dojo Association is our top recommendation to starting your ninja training online.

The resources from Virtual Ninja Training’s full network, and potential to advance in the worldwide community, are unmatched compared to the average sensei with online training from their dojo. The new live-stream and on-demand program with Sensei’s Cheever and Johnson looks like a fantastic combination of affordable live online sessions, with additional access to the combined libraries of their own ongoing, weekly lessons and Bushindo University’s extensive library and tools. It’s easy to start learning by dropping in the twice weekly live sessions for $59, but you also have many options for upgrades that go all the way up to high rank going way beyond the first degree black belt offered by some dojos. Due to the close partnership they have with International Bujinkan Dojo Association (IBDA), you also have opportunities to attend live training and ranking events or in-person training opportunites that align with the online training and rank opportunities.

Take advantage of the SALE offered through June 30, 2021. Their special offer gets you FREE access to the archive of videos along with access to the live lessions, just $59/mo USD for both. Visit their website to learn more about all available training options.

The Bujinkan is evolving. After the retirement of Grandmaster Hatsumi and his assignment of dozens of DaiShihan level sensei worldwide, people who want to learn about Ninja Martial arts can look to the DaiShihan and leaders like IBDA to continue mentorship of the art in their own way. The curricula offered by and IBDA retain classic Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu learning, expanded for modern learners. They offer a free PDF download of the Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) curriculum to follow along during the lessons.

Video-based ninja training online or on TV with DVDs, or online video, has been a hot topic for decades. Whether live streaming, on-demand, or good old DVDs, it’s definitely not the way to ALL your achieve martial arts goals. But it’s an irreplaceable tool for referencing and sharing knowledge. In 2020’s decade, we’ve all advanced our knowledge about how learning online, live or recorded, is an opportunity not a short cut. You’ll never get belt rank with video alone, but it can make a difference in your learning pathway. That said, Ninja Learning Network highly recommends use of video from highly qualified sensei in your training – and there is a new, powerful platform where you can go to start, no matter your level of experience:

Congratulations to Sensei Cheever and Sensei Johnson for their innovative online platform!

Want to learn more about Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Grandmaster Hatsumi’s school of martial arts based on Ninja and Samurai traditions? We recommend Hatsumi’s books, which go deep into the psyche, motives and techniques of Budo warriors from any era.