Ninja Throwing Stars: Shuriken

NINJA THROWING STARS (Shuriken) also, Japanese Hira Shuriken, are all flat throwing stars. There are many shapes and varations of shuriken throwing objects…

Most people are very familiar with the flat, steel throwing objects known as ninja stars or “ninja throwing stars.” There is another highly effective and traditional throwing weapon that is shaped like a large, square nail called “throwing needles” and some other terms. The lethality of the weapons did not generally matter when they were used. They were traditionally used to distract or disable an opponent.  Having the ability to distract or injure an opponent from a long distance, or an attacker who was using a long weapon such as a spear, was a great advantage.  Ninja throwing stars and similar weapons such as the ‘bo shuriken” (needles) could slice a target victim who would not even know that something was thrown at them from a hidden, distant location. They could be easily concealed in the hand or sleeve to suddenly use it during close combat for slicing, scraping and poking. They were reportedly also embedded in the ground or other objects and sometimes laced with poison or bacteria so that an opponent who brushed against it or stepped on it later could be severely injured or killed. There were many shapes of “shuriken” such as the ‘bo shuriken” (stick shaped) or “hira shuriken” (flat or wheel shaped.) They may have been crafted from coins, farming objects, nail removers and so forth and are not necessarily razor sharp as many people think.  The word “shuriken” in Japanese means “sword in hand.” “Shuriken jutsu” means the “technique of using Shuriken” (jutsu roughly translates as “technique.”) Modern shuriken jutsu usually focuses on Ninja throwing stars and needles.

Ninja Throwing Stars, Needles and Shuriken


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We post shuriken videos strictly for your enlightenment. Do not re-enact these ninja throwing stars techniques without direct supervision by a trained professional. Consult your physician first. Ninja training is dangerous and we are not responsible for any liabilities, injuries or damages suffered by anyone emulating the content of these videos. Do not rely on these techniques for self-defense, they are presentations of hypothetical situations performed by professionals. TRAIN AT YOUR OWN RISK! BE SAFE AND SENSIBLE!  We do not advocate the use of ninja throwing stars or any of these weapons except to train in traditional forms of this martial art under direct supervision of qualified professionals. Also, possession or transportation of some weapons may be illegal in some locations. Check with your local law enforcement agencies for legal details about shuriken, ninja throwing stars and all other martial arts weapons in your area.

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