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Please subscribe to the Youtube Channel, or our Social Media Pages to get instant notification of new FREE videos. Millions of viewers have already watched our high quality and free Bujinkan Ninjutsu hi-def instructional videos on the Ninja Training Video Blog on the Ninja Learning Network Youtube Channel. Without investing a penny, you can start to learn about the ancient art of the Ninja and Samurai, brought to life in the 21st Century by Hatsumi Soke and his school known as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. This martial art derives from once secret techniques only passed down through hidden scrolls and mysterious associations gathered from thousands of years of proven martial art survival techniques. Grappling, weapons, tools, physiology and chemistry are just a few of the subjects that fall under the martial art of the traditional ‘Ninja’ training and intent. In today’s societies the art of Ninjutsu, also referred to as ninpo and many other terms, can be learned for self defense and personal enlightenment.

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This Ninja Training Blog relies on quality hi-def videos  with top Bujinkan Sensei authorized by Hatsumi Soke. The “Ninja Training Video Blog” features regular online ninjutsu video lessons. Some of these Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu video lessons show required knowledge for earning a black belt in the ancient art of the Ninja. Follow these videos here on this web site, or follow us on Google Blogger, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and Twitter. To suggest a topic, submit your comment on at our YouTube channel.

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 Ninja Learning Network does not advocate the use of any techniques from our Ninja Training Video Blog to cause harm to any people or property. These videos are provided for entertainment only and should not be attempted by anyone without direct physical supervision of a sensei and a physician.

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