Ninja Training Weapons And Gear – Practice with Safe Tools at the Dojo

Before you even think of picking up an object or tool at the dojo to practice using self defence NINJA TRAINING WEAPONS and gear, take heed from the Grandmaster….

Hatsumi Soke’s Words About Violence:

“The violence a man commits is self-destructive. It is the same as cannibalism in the world of animals or the slash-and-burn style of farming used by ancient man, which ends up ruining the soil and thus destroying man’s source of nourishment. A ninja must be aware of the fact that violence is self-destructive, and realize the finality of the gates of Heaven and gates of Earth. The base of the ninja beliefs lies in an obedience to the laws of nature. Abiding by Nature’s laws, one can climb the road to Kamurozan, the sacred mountain of universal justice. This climb makes no noise, has no scent, and leaves no shadow. These are the profound steps that we must take toward heaven.”
(Hatsumi, Essence of Ninjutsu, p135)

Finding Safe Ninja Training Weapons And Gear

There are dozens of traditional and modern objects that can be used for self defense. Visit our gear page for ideas about how to find them for your dojo or home training. Or scroll down to learn about some popular items like Ninja Stars….

Dojo Training Knives

wooden or rubber training tanto and real knives

Traditional Ninjutsu weapons are descended from many centuries of both “samurai” and “ninja” experiences.  Some ninjutsu weapons were developed in the samurai context of fighting battles with heavy armor and horses. Others may have been adapted from farm tools hidden in peasant-type clothing for “ninja” style espionage missions and general self defense. Some of our modern-day ninja training weapons, like the katana, are very sophisticated with a lineage from ancient ninjutsu or samurai schools. Others may have been invented from simple necessity using camouflage-able objects at hand. For example,  boat hooks, garden hoes and nail removers are the origin of many weapons (nail removers may have been the possible origin of shuriken.)

Ninja Training Weapons Are for Self Defense, not Attacks

The tradition of adapting any object for use as self-defense tools continues today in the modern ninja training practices. At ninja dojos it is common to see sensei doing training drills using backpacks, water bottles, luggage, keys, cellphones and other common objects as weapons. Techniques for working with modern Ninja training weapon ideas vary widely at every dojo.

Hatsumi Soke has written about the history and techniques of many ninjutsu weapons in his books. Stick fighting, swords and unarmed techniques are worth reading about!

ninja training weapons - hatsumi books and more

There are a few commonly seen training tools at most modern day dojos, all of which can result in lethal consequences if not used carefully during practice. The most common set of Ninja training weapons found at dojos today are the katana (sword), bo shuriken (metal throwing darts), senban shuriken (throwing stars), the hanbo (3 foot staff), the rokushaku bo (6 foot staff), the tanto (knife), kunai and throwing knives.

You will also often see the shoto (a short sword similar to machetes), the kasuri fundo (a rope or metal chain with hard bits on the ends), kasuri gama (a hooked blade on a handle with chain and weighted end), and kyoketsu shoge (a rope or chain with a metal ring on one end and a special flat, barbed blade at the other end.)

Some special ninja training weapons you might also practice with at a dojo include the lethal shuko climbing claws (hand claws) the jutte (a short metal bar with a hooked piece at one end) or the tessen (a metal “fan.”) You can use a wooden bo to practice training for real spear-like weapons such as the yari and naginata.

Ninja training weapons today also include the use of common objects as throwing saltine crackers, coins or business cards into someone’s face or by using coffee cups, belts, chairs, umbrellas, baseball bats and lit lighters to fend off attacks.


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