Samurai Swords Store Discount Code – Custom Or Ready Blades

Samurai Swords Store DISCOUNT CODE  ‘ninjanetwork‘ for Custom Or Ready Blades
Samurai Swords Store Custom Design App

GO TO the Samurai Swords Store and use the special Ninja Learning Network Discount Code for an Customized Or Ready-made Blades.

The DISCOUNT CODE is ‘ninjanetwork’ for 10% off any order. 

Orders Ship Worldwide wherever the items are legal…WITH FREE SHIPPING!

You can browse for swords and other blades or download the FREE 3D custom Katana App. The app is great for Katana, but the Samurai Swords Store also presents other ready-made and custom-designed handcrafted blades.

Samurai Swords Store Has Samurai Swords and Other Blades

Samurai Swords Store Blades

Samurai Swords:


Other Bladed Weapons:

Chinese Swords
Sword Cane

Featuring Choices of Steel for Various Swords:

1060 Carbon Steel
T10 Clay Tempered Steel
T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel
1060 Folded Steel
1095 Folded Steel
9260 Folded Spring Steel

Use “ninjanetwork” Samurai Swords Store Discount Code

Samurai Swords Store Discount and Custom Design App

Custom design your own samurai sword in the new custom design app. You can make your own unique sword for training or display by choosing the material, color, patterns and other elements for the blade, tsuba, sheath and many other options. Samurai Sword Store also has ready-made blades based on traditional and modern sword and blade designs. Swords and katana are not your only options, check out the wide variety of short and long blades offered, some based on Chinese or other styles, not only traditional Japanese samurai swords.

How to find discount codes for Samurai Swords

Find discount codes on samurai swords such as katana, wakizashi, ninjato, nodachi, shirasaya, tanto and other Japanese blades from Ninja Learning Network’s resource pages. Custom and ready-made blades can be crafted by skilled sword makers who are ready to ship your favorite martial arts training tools anywhere in the world.
Katana Parts Custom Ordering

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