San Shin – Three Hearts Forms – Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ku Earthly Elements

Learn about San Shin, the “Three-Hearts Forms” from these Ninja Training Video Blog free Ninjutsu video lessons. The San Shin is a major foundation of Ninjutsu training. All Bujinkan students begin to learn it immediately. Advanced students continue to practice it at highly sophisticated levels. It can be described as a concept that is based on 5 different modes of movement based on earthly elements or energies. You can vary the energy as needed to attack an opponent when self defense is necessary.

These forms are also used train your body how to move, how to vary intention, how to feel your body’s speed, distance, heigth and more. It can be a kind of drill you can practice on by yourself to condition your body and mind. It will help you learn how to move with controlled relaxation and different kinds of intent.  After you understand San Shin and it’s essence you will also have more powerful methods to train with colleagues and to use the actions in real scenarios. You may need to use these energy levels to attack opponents in self defense. You can combine it with any other Bujinkan techniques, such as with any martial art weapon or common object.


These classic clips simply review the forms and gives the names & meaning for
Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ku (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void)

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This video explains some common tips for beginners


Once you have mastered the basic forms, start training with weapons and variations

San Shin is really the embodiment of 5 modes of movement, each representing different psychological and strategic intentions. There are 5 basic San Shin “forms” that each represent an earthly force, each having an “inner essence” (gokui) that corresponds to the characteristics of the earthly form it’s named for. (San Shin is called the “3-hearts forms” or “3-cores forms” because each of the 5 forms contain 3 stages of motion from the beginning to the end.)

Watch each of the San Shin forms and notice what kinds of earthly forms are represented in the movement, feel those energies when you practice. Start to understand the transition of the 3 core pieces of movement in each form as you perform it. After you learn the basic motion, then start to change the timing, distance, speed and level of your body.

Use the basic form of San Shin to challenge yourself to discover how your body moves, how your mental intent affects that motion, and how you can control all of it at will. The San Shin should be practiced solo as sort of training drill. But you will also use the forms to strategically attack an opponent, particularly with weapons. You will also invent an infinite number of variations of the San Shin forms depending on what the exact self-defense movement required at any given moment in time.

The five forms are:

Chi – Earth,  Sui – Water,  Ka – Fire,  Fu – Wind ,  Ku – Void

Each form has three phases of movement, train these with variations in your energy, speed, depth of knee bend, distance across the floor, extension of limbs, holding different objects, etc.

San Shin is included in Ninjutsu Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Black Belt Training

San Shin Lessons are included in Ninjutsu Black Belt Training