Second Degree Nidan Black Belt – Ninjutsu Bujinkan Video Course

Second Degree Nidan Black Belt Course


Nidan, 2nd Dan is the 2nd Degree black belt after Shodan

This is the next degree black belt after the “Shodan” first degree black belt. In Nidan, you learn the wazas of Gyokko Ryu 36 wazas and Kukishinden Hanbojutsu 16 wazas.  This is where you start to learn the deeper formal two-person interactive training methods and all the history and aspects of the 9 Bujinkan schools one at a time. Buy this course to get fully illustrated printed binders and 4 DVDs full of lessons. Access to the online portal is included. Video feedback and rank testing via online, live training seminars and TaiKai are available from Bushindo University.


Gyokko Ryu Wazas

Kukishinden Ryu Hanbo (half staff) wazas

Kanji Strokes for all the Gyokko Ryu waza

The Gyokko Ryu school is at the core of the study of Hatsumi’s Bujinkan teachings as  one of the foundations of ninja martial arts.  IBDA integrates this school in-depth along with the hanbo of Kukishinden Ryu for 2nd degree Black Belt.

The GYOKKO RYU TRAINING COURSE Package includes a 263 page pictured Training Manual plus 4 DVDS. Them manual is loaded with waza photo instruction that matches matching the dvd training, plus how to write the kanji strokes for each Gyokko Ryu waza name!

The Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt Course has 4 DVDs:

Nidan 2nd Dan Second Degree Black Belt Course Bujinkan Ninjutsu

DVD #1 : Jo Ryaku no Maki Waza
Level 1 Gyokko Ryu- 12 Unarmed vs Unarmed Waza Techniques

Koku – Empty Sky
Renyo – Imperial Palanquin
Danshu – Projectile Hand
Danshi – Projectile Finger
Saka Nagare – Reverse Flow
Keo – Seagull
Hane Bi – Leaping Flame
Keto – Imperial Fall
Yubi Kudaki – Finger Crush
Ketsu Miyaku – Artery Squeeze
Sakketsu – Killer Squeeze
Tei Ken – Hoof Fist


DVD #2 : Chu Ryaku no Maki Waza
Level 2 Gyokko Ryu – 8 Unarmed vs Kodachi Waza Techniques

Ujaku – Black Magpie
Seito – Mackerel Drop
Dashin – Catch and Shake
Korai – Tiger Drop
Hosen – Bee Tip
Ko – Well Sweep
Shien – Lion Monkey
Horyaku – Destructive Fall


DVD #3 : Ge Ryaku no Maki Waza
Level 3 Gyokko Ryu – 8 Unarmed vs Sword Waza Techniques

Shun U – Falcon Valiance
Shun Soku – Falcon Foot
Ichi Geki – First Attack
Kai Soku – Vanguard Foot
Ko Ryaku – Scoop and Sweep Over
Iai Fu – Sword Draw Entrapment
Chingan – Sinking Wild Goose
Fuu – Wind Blow


DVD #4
Kukishinden Ryu HanboJutsu

Shoden / Chuden / Okuden level
16 Waza Techniques

Shoden Level 9 Wazas
Chuden Level 4 Wazas
Okuden Level 3 Wazas


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