Sheila Haddad and Bujinkan Kunoichi

Sheila Haddad ‘s intensive self defense workshops all over the world give the power to identify and avoid safety threats, neutralize confrontations with verbal and physical techniques, control fear, and escape violent situations. Shihan Haddad is closely involved with Hatsumi, and is a primary member of the women’s group that holds special TaiKai for modern Kunoichi of the Bujinkan.


Bujinkan Shihan Sheila Haddad has been training and teaching martial arts internationally since 1989 and is a global keynote instructor. Haddad holds a 15th degree black belt (Judan Kugyo) in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu / Ninjutsu, under Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, as well as black belt degrees in several other arts including Ebukan Batto Jutsu. Sheila Haddad is an Executive Board Member of the American Women’s Self Defense Association and a member of the National Women’s Martial Art Federation. Shieila Haddad worked closely with Hatsumi Soke on photography in his new book “Essence of Budo.” You can also contact Shihan Sheila Hadded for information about Bujinkan Kunoichi Taikai and their website Visit Shihan Sheila Haddad’s Living The Way website.

Essence of Budo by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

Essence of Budo Book by Grandmaster Hatsmumi

Photography by Sheila Haddad is featured in the latest of Hatsumi Soke’s booksEssence of Budo.” Shihan Haddad has studied directly with Soke at the Honbu dojo for many years and is a trusted member of the Bujinkan community, serving students under the highest integrity and positive spiritual foundation.

Shihan Sheila Haddad DVD: “Power of Presence.”

Rolling and Falling are  core skills in all martial arts. Its mastery is essential to progression. Haddad provides the foundations in intricate detail that is imperative for a novice to learn. The details and teaching methods used are an invaluable tool for instructors and master teachers to use to aid their students. Front, side, back and flow rolls and falls are covered with advanced application. Taped in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. About 1 hour.  DVD’s are produced by Zenpo Arts.  Contact Shihan Haddad for details.

Shihan Haddad Seminars and Kunoichi Taikai

Shihan Haddad offers seminars all over the world and is based in Florida, USA. If you don’t know who she is already, or to contact her, you should visit her website.

Shiela Haddad Bujinkan Kunoichi

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