Survival Kit, Bug Out, Go Bag Emergency Supply Suggestions

Got Survival Kit Readiness? Check these bug out and go bag suggestions for any emergency supply scenario. Wildfire, earthquake, flood, EMP, nukes, grid failures, poisoned water, terror attacks…think it won’t happen to you? Hmm, well, OK. But just in case, why not be ready with a basic survival kit? Within the next few days you can have a complete supply of affordable emergency survival needs for your family and pets at your home, car, office and dojo. Highlights from the list below link you to the LATEST hi-tech but affordable survival kit items that last for years. So start clicking on the links below to design your emergency kit.

Start Your Survival Kit Reality Research

Bug Out Bag (Go Bag) Suggestions

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No prescription needed, antibiotic pills OK for humans
Suaoki Solar Battery
THESE ARE JUST SOME ITEMS YOU NEED! (Get paracord, bandages, etc, too…)

Our Dojo Survival Kit with Bug Out, Go Bag Mobility

We just ordered all the bug out bag (go bag) items above. It’s kept in the closet as a ready survival kit at the back of the dojo that’s small and lightweight, so it can be carried by one person to a car or hiked out to nearby woods.. Most of us have the same kind of kit at home and small versions always in every the car. We ordered enough to for the dojo kit to supply several people for months. These are just items you need, so be sure to think of the usual paracord, first aid, etc that’s easy to find and pretty obvious…

It’s Easy & Affordable To Order Your Entire Kit TODAY

Click the options above to start checking out options for food and water needs, energy supply, antibiotics and more. Don’t miss the “faraday cage” ideas for protecting electronics from Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMPs.)  You can find super-compact food squares that are easy to transport and last for years longer than those lovely and typical “emergency food packets” or Meals Ready To Eat (MREs) no water needed for preparation. The latest solar panel + battery combos are now small and designed to hook in with USB devices and car batteries. New solar kits are rechargable in the sun or when you drive/park your car, so the days of hooking up clunky solar panels to big, random golf cart batteries are over.

Natuaral Solar EMPs are Overdue

The electronic items for solar energy and Ham radio can be succesptible to EMP damage, so store them in a small metal trash can with lid, lined with cardboard, to protect from EMP damage. (You can wrap everything in heavy aluminum foil instead.) That functions as a faraday cage, just fine. Major solar EMPs are overdue and can cause chaos situations without any kind of nuclear EMP attack, which is the big topic about nukes nowadays. Even if communications go down, there will be a need for energy and you may be able to receive Hamm radio news.

Protection is Part of Your Plan

This list does not include self protection gear. So, you should use your imagination based on your martial skill level and personal philosophy about protection in chaos situations. Whatever you store for self protection, practice with it in the dojo and outside. Think of multi-purpose tools, such as an ax that can protect, cut wood and break the window out of a sinking car.

Think About Your Unique Situation

Consider your own geographic area and unique risks when designing your survival kit. Build several bug out bags (go bags) for every place you go everyday. Each car, each office, house and person should have a custom designed survival kit(s) that make easily accessible bug out bags or go bags ready to go without any warning. Coordinate your exit and meetup plans with family and colleagues. Get educated about how to survive emergencies. It get complicated and it could happen when and where you least expect it.

What was the traditional Ninjas in Nature training?

Traditionally, body conditioning called “junan taiso” might include exercises and challenges in outdoor settings. Of course, for a ninja, everything they did was essentially for survival. There were also secret skills that engaged with nature, outdoor scenarios and techniques for survival. Many are still secret. Nowadays the modern ninja nature training student will appropriately integrate modern survival kits, techniques and tools like bugout bags into their strategies. Prepper tools and tips are perfect for updated ninjas in nature training scenarios.
Samurai Ninjas In Nature Historical Image

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