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International TAIKAI and Seminar Events are welcome from any country. Any training opportunity related to Ninjutsu (Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and others) can be added. All training events related to any kind of Ninja skills are welcome regardless of your school. To enter your own Taikai or Seminar, please email us to ask for access permission. You will enter your own info after getting access permission.

Contact our volunteer ninjas to request permission to enter listings on the calendar*

This is a public events calendar viewable to anyone.

Default Time Zone is USA West Coast (Los Angeles)

Bujinkan Taikai Calendar - International Ninjutsu Training Seminar Events

*Contact us to request access permission to post your own taikai, seminar or special event. Online events are OK. Any training opportunites related to Ninja and Samurai training are welcome, such as weapons, grappling, self-defence, etc. Once you are entered to the poster list, you will be allowed to post and edit entries anytime. If you tamper with the other listings you will be blacklisted. To post data about your free listing, please remember to enter specific data such as location, time, restrictions, instructors, etc. Including links and suggestions for contacting you will help people locate and attend your event. (Our genuine ninja volunteers will not be able to help people with your taikai/seminar, so make sure you give the readers all the information they need to contact YOU.)


This resource is not intended for posting the training schedule at your dojo. Special events only, please. But you are invited to set up a free listing of your dojo (or a “seeking training partners” post) on the International Dojo and Training Partners Map)

2018 Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojos and Training Partners Ninja Training Map at Ninja Learning Network


This resource is provided by Ninja Learning Network as a free service to the Bujinkan, Ninjutsu International community.  If you want to post events that are related, please explain it in the details of your listing. Weapons seminars, grappling and survival training and similar opportunites are welcome. We reserve the right to delete posts or to revoke permissions for any reason. Ninja Learning Network is presented by genuine ninja volunteers. Train ON!

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