Throwing Stars – Shuriken – Also Called Ninja Stars

This set of Ninja Stars, steel shuriken has 4 different throwing stars shapes. Each is made of solid stainless steel. They are two and a half inches in diameter with a BLACK FINISH, and come with a nylon sheath. These throwing stars, also often called ninja stars, are highly sharpened and each design is well balanced. The price for a complete set is so affordable that you can get several sets to guarantee that every practice training session is enjoyable and very, very productive.




These Ninja Throwing Stars Can Be Shipped Worldwide

This set of throwing stars can be shipped to any location in the world that does not legally restrict the ownership or transport of this kind of sport training tool. Inquire with your local law enforcement agency for details about what kind of training equipment is legal in your area. Train at your own risk. Ninja Learning Network®, or its partners, are not responsible for any damage you cause when using any featured training tools.

Throwing Stars – Shuriken – Also Called Ninja Stars

These stainless steel shuriken ninja stars are of the highest quality and can be used for combat training and target practice in modern study of traditional samurai and ninja historical objects. They were mainly used as distractions in real self defense scenarios. Shuriken should not be relied upon for self defense in modern situations of danger. You can try using paper business cards, spun toward the eyes, to simulate a similar distraction.

Throwing Stars - Shuriken Set of 4 Ninja Stars Availalable Worldwide


Learn Shuriken Jutsu with Ninja Stars and Other Japanese Shuriken

Throwing stars are small, flat metal objects that can have 3 or more sharpened points, often called “ninja stars.” They are a type of Japanese traditional self-defense weapon called “shuriken”, which means “hidden in hand” and could be shaped like needles, stars and other shapes. They were made from any metal object on hand such as coins, farm tools, scraps of metal, building tools and more. They were often thrown to distract, not to kill, but could also be used to stab or poison an opponent. In modern times these are often fabricated into traditional designs and there are very good rubber training stars available for those who want to train in the use of throwing stars more safely.

How the Ninja Used Ninja Stars and Needles

Shuriken, are commonly known in the west as throwing stars, or, ninja stars. However, those terms hardly do justice to this class of traditional ancient weapons. The pointed “star” shaped form is only one of many different shuriken designs developed over the centuries. Shuriken (which means, “hand hidden blade”) is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing, or poisoning. They are small, sharpened, hand-held blades and were traditionally made from a variety of every day items. Shuriken could bee made from plain objects such as needles, nails, and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates of metal.

Shuriken objects were mainly a supplemental self-defense tool in the Japanese warrior’s arsenal. And they often played a pivotal tactical role in battle and were used for centuries in various countries. The art of wielding the shuriken in Japan is known as, shuriken-jutsu. It was mainly taught as a secret part of the martial arts training curriculum of many famous Japanese martial art schools and clans.

Shuriken is the Japanese term for metal objects that can be thrown, held in the hand for slashing and stabbing an attacker. They could also be poisoned and passively placed where an opponent might step on or be sliced while passing by. Senban shuriken and other star shapes, also called ninja stars or throwing stars, are probably the most famous type of shuriken. Bo shuriken, which are needle or chisel shaped shuriken are lesser known but commonly used. Originally, shuriken were merely farming or construction tools adapted for use as a weapon.

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