Video Personal Training – Skills Assessment and Testing

It’s the 21st century now and, yes, you CAN order video personal training from the most advanced Ninjas in the world. Genuine Ninja sensei and masters are available to digitally asses some of your skills by obverving your home made videos or live feeds. Video tools don’t replace real “in peson” training, of course! But you can get feedback from skilled members of the Bujinkan who currently train in ninja and samurai skills. Check into the Ninja Dojo online video programs at Bushindo University that offer analysis of your home made martial arts video. Get feedback on your own skills in conjunction with a community portal while you study a formal Ninja black belt course curriculum.

Video Personal Training and Testing is Available

Bushindo University can assist you with video coaching and rank testing, which is an optional service that is available with all their Bujinkan courses. Video Personal Training supports your martial art journey and  is available in person, or by using the latest online video technology at Bushindo University’s online community portal, the Ninja Dojo.  In that online portal, you can get feedback from many skilled members of the Bujinkan who are currently training in ninja and samurai skills. You can also order analysis of your home made martial arts video to receive feedback on your own skills.

Video Personal Training at Bushindo U.

To find people to train with, check the “Ninjutsu Dojos and Training Partner Map” to find sensei and partners for real training.

To find experts who can assess your video, we recommend you start with the black belt and instructor programs at Bushindo University.

Video Personal Training at Ninja Dojo


About BELT Rank and Testing with Video Tools

Ninja Learning Network™ emphasizes that real belt tests and kyu tests are best performed in person. Black belt tests will never be administered via video by anyone and will be offered for “in person” experiences only! It is assumed that you will be training “in-person” with someone while following any video instruction or working through any blackbelt video course program, even if you can only train occasionally such as at seminars or by using private instruction.

Find Real Dojos and Training Partners

Ninja Learning Network™ makes every effort to help ninjas find other qualified instructors and training partners. Every dojo and sensei will have their own criteria and curriculum for issueing a black belt course.   You can only learn so much via videos, even though they are extremely helpful. If you really want to learn this art, you must practice it with humans and you must be tested by experts who are in the room with you. Video personal training is only a supplement, not a replacement for actual training. Heed all safety and health warnings when training in any martial art.

To participate in Bushindo University training, you must also agree to and conform with the student requirements set by the Honbu Dojo in Japan. You should become an official member of the Bujinkan through the IBDA membership opportunity.

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